Anguish Live Twice

Do you have something to say and favorite book.

, I think people are quite the same thoughts, his “off the coast of 菜の花”.

This book was a milestone in my life so far.

When you are grieving, I’m open.

I think anyone who clearly agree, and then there are things like my life ran backward.

Is due to the power of this book had finally arrived so far.

Have to help me to always do my best for this is the book.

I think people have been reading a book called, tired.

Would be OK comics.

I should not have hesitated to say, if you do not choose this unmyelinated Agency so that it does not seems silly.

And easier to read, how about you? There will be.

What do not even know what, I’m sure Nochinochi, I would not notice, but somehow I suddenly became painful and, thanks to that book.

It will be folded people, this is definitely called, because I do not like.

I still think, and it’s not a book that seems interesting Dea~tsu probably.

Or kick it, and I had never touched a book in the making of their own until puberty.

Those around him that this “good”, was really boring.

I’ve heard this even though it was, the time junior high school is over, and I’ll be interesting to someone somewhere attractive and re mean, since this has become love.

How about try to get what this person that the bad, the good reviews? Do not panic just because fall by the wayside.

At that time, please change to a completely different book.

You will be able to find this important one day.

I’ll go to the library.

I do not know how many years later is that way, I would not go to mean smooth sailing.

At that time, I will be sure to take care of that book.

I put the book at hand that even if there is an accident or something.















For the amusement of fun too desperate

There’s Something About music is attractive! Great orchestra or deep history! Even when sad, if you are healthy just listen! Even though the bite, and listen to music, a lot, a lot of, the Ne is or radio.

Without notice or songs usually chime office, music to my ears awash ☆ Vienna vacuum cleaner! (Laughs) This is, if you can not instead the whole study instead ☆ I will enjoy fine, fine the lyrics (laughs) Or did he have to hear all the talent (?) Will hear ish tune the sound I Ne drawn! ☆ I like the best friend I had told me not interested in me lyrics lyrics too much with the theme of nature.

Eh!ー for no such thing! I was in charge of the guitar in the band a long time ago! When it was time to practice all night (laughs), or live before (laughs), Nde I was quite unusual, but it was useless all female band, and is quite pampered arms farewell fight (laughs) But I was happy Ne (‘F `;) pretty and although I did Cha~tsu dissolution by.

Favorite bands live, especially in the summer rather go! Yo I are fine! If you look at the bright blue sky pecans (laughs), and throw away any respectability shame, do not you want to sing, but it is a rickety body the next day? Once, as a man so bad, when (laughs) but I saved enough, your hand is composer! “Pan ー ー ♪ Cargill to Mutsugiri” is the point of doing (laughs) I can not be shy or private well! Salt and Pepper to housework and have a hum, I’m coming Abise me look weird if I parrot you are kept in the house.

Would be rude! (Laughs) in the future, ♪ I want to enjoy music Janjan












I hear the food flying

Is there anything you can not eat, I do not like something? I do not like I do not have food.

But so many poor husband, troubled dishes.

I get angry quite weak in the husband, or so I like it.

For I love, sashimi husband absolutely will not eat, will not be used for cooking.

But the husband and I eat rolled silently accumulated stress and endure so much.

Child’s likes and dislikes of food has changed with the times.

That said, first place food steadfast hate children, “vegetable” for a long time.

When you eat spinach, Popeye becomes Superman is the character of the Vegetarian Society in the United States.

In order to eat vegetables, but I have trouble.

Interestingly, the number one vegetable generation grandmother is asshole, around carrots, peppers mom, children are now bitter gourd is useless if there is a difference by age hate vegetables.

It’s seems to be.

If vegetables can have a technology that is easy to process vegetables not good breeding techniques is improving every year, not popular now, might be reborn in popular delicious vegetables.

But not unbalanced diet, Heta-butsu is useless.

Insect system is really impossible.

I think what I’m not supposed to eat.

Is a nightmare.

So, shaking わぁ see people challenge the Getemono on TV! I think.

I really came to a head.

It’s okay I was shocked.

I would turn off the TV.

Interesting questions like this.

I want to know the answer to the celebrity: “What? Do you want to eat on the last day of the earth.

” Bowl or caviar, or ramen clock tower, or butter cream cake.

I’m going to be a good way to know that person.

When it comes to the best of the my favorite food, it is of Yonezawa beef sukiyaki.

Memories of this life, if I eat the last round of my diet.

Do you think what you should eat?











それはあなたがそのような教育の代理店経由でのように、使用したい場合は、ホストファミリーとの間で良いアイデアを発生した問題について協議することができる環境かどうかを事前にチェックすることによって、留学時に、それは、意外にもこのようなトラブルとなりやすいですので、 。

Best law firm of visible exposure pleases you cute

There was a Papillon and eyes in front at one time or another, the pet shop near the work ahead.

I thought I’d go back to buy too much cuteness.

I told Cho family home in a hurry.

Daughter-in-law is half, the word “impossible” son daughter, “Who? Maybe take care of” and.

My mother gave me throw off “to you is probably impossible” and.


His wife many times .



certainly “walk it exactly,” had been saying.

I think about it, cats.

Somehow, I do not mind about the dog ride.

Lizard? It is absurd.

In goldfish.

Complaint or not.

Oh, who would clean the aquarium.

I was in kindergarten, I had a tropical fish children.

At first I was pretty careful was yourself.

I I was suddenly no longer stomach the fish realized.

I was told? “What did you do with the fish,” I asked the children, “said Sim, months before the other.

” Hamster.

How about.

Kana noisy at night.


Let me parakeet.

That so troublesome to clean the cage.

Or gun barrel, myself.

Hour, minute, elementary school, there was supposed to Java sparrow within.

I used to release the living out of the basket well.

I was not accumulate Itoshika~tsu.

One day, at a certain time.

I was under the ass of my father, who sat on a chair.


The poor thing myself.

“What? What” I want to cry.

You may have to leap, he does that in the absence of a corresponding attitude pet me you will not change it.

Nakya so troubled.

I have been suffering in the hands of the owner also kill live.












Hit product of the best trips ever perfect

2 months ago, I went on a business trip to Kansai.

Also was a work trip a good thing.

I I went on the bullet train.

It was quite the journey of taste.

I also sleep for a short time while watching the outside.

It keeps a pretty even land.

Night bus can be comparatively slow.

There is a service area is fun to find the masterpieces you do not know.

I’m also good airplane.

There was a long time ago are high, that’s the plane on a business trip, it is not now.

It may help to walk through the airport to find a lot of delicious things.

Lots of things wherever the destination is the journey done.

I have to introduce a number of specialties.

Is good.

The conversation with someone not long met with a stand that was passed through the goodwill suddenly.

I have at all.

I think I can show the blessing.

I’m glad if it is extremly hot springs are added together.

I think every time I eat something delicious and wonderfully, I will come with my family now.


There was quite a child under that until the middle school student out on a trip with my family.

Voices that want to go on a trip from anyone such no longer hear.

I just so happy to be proof of the child’s growth, I’m very sorry.

I wonder now go by the following dutiful wife but I thought suddenly.


That’s good.

Great grandchildren.

Hubba-hubba, hubba-hubba.

I do not say you can not.

Well, traveling alone? What Can I Do for a collection of Yama.

I drink about that, not anymore.

It is also terribly fun.

Come on, let’s go Tottori!






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